Vote Counts ObamaMedia Ignore: Romney Up 92K In OH Early Voting?

****UPDATE: Another report says Romney and Obama tied in early vote turnout when you look at the separate counties.

Via Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:

So says Gannett’s, which has the data from the state government posted at its site this morning. I put the question mark on the data because I don’t see anything up yet at the Ohio Secretary of State’s website, but occasionally the media will get updates prior to the website. According to the data, Mitt Romney already has 697,143 votes before the polls opened a couple of hours ago, while Barack Obama only has 605,546, a difference of almost 92,000 votes.  The data is time-stamped at 2:03 ET this morning, and the link on the front page of the site reads, “Early voters: How Ohio has voted.”

Could someone send this news to Chuck “The Juice” Todd; because I’m ready to see me some Chuck Todd SadFace.

If this number holds after the Secretary of State posts its results, this is a huge swing for Mitt Romney. In 2008, Obama blew McCain in early voting and a number of Ohio state polls this year show Romney crushing Obama among those who haven’t early voted and will turn out today.