Media Gears Up To Pressure & Blame Fiscal Cliff On GOP

According to Pew, only 29% of Americans are ready to blame Obama if a deal isn;t reached to avoid the fiscal cliff. A full 53% would blame House Republicans.

Naturally, media outlets everywhere are running with the poll, which will undoubtedly be used to pressure Republicans into caving on a tax hike. The poll also gives Obama mucho negotiating power.

The worst part, though, will be watching the likes of Soledad O’Brien waving the poll around as she demands her various Republican lawmaker guests raise taxes.

The poll is a stunning reminder of the power of media to shape public perception. How can anyone blame anyone other than the top guy for these kinds of failures? Moreover, even if Obama can hold tight to roughly 50% of his supporters in just about every situation, how is it that those who didn’t vote for Obama can’t push up their numbers in polls such as these.

The GOP’s communication problems are so glaring at times it’s frightening.