Mark Halperin: Democrats ‘Freak Show’ Marco Rubio

As I mentioned in this piece yesterday, GQ asking FL Senator Marco Rubio about the age of the Earth and Rubio blowing the question is something that will now haunt the likely presidential candidate for the next four years.

Halperin leaves out the media’s role in all of this, but it’s the New Reality just the same:

There’s one area where Democrats are really far ahead of Republicans right now. Science and technology, no. It’s doing this thing that Democrats failed to do in 2000, to stop George W. Bush, which is really, really early on using the left-wing Freak Show to define anyone who’s thinking of running for President, as quickly as possible, in negative terms on Twitter, on cable, on the Internet. They’re all over this Rubio thing because they want to control his image in a negative way and they did it this cycle too. They went after Romney early, it really hurt him. And they’re doing it now. And, you know, as a matter of just pure politics, it’s very effective because Rubio’s not full-time thinking about running for president. He’s out there dabbling but people on the Left will just be defining anyone who looks like they might be strong in four years.

And it’s not a small thing that Halperin leaves out how important the media will be when it comes to damaging Rubio with this hit. For without the media, what Halperin defines as “the left-wing freak show” gets zero traction.

When something Halperin terms the “right-wing freak show” hits, like the 2007 video of Obama released by the “Daily Caller” a few weeks before the election — that “freak show” is immediately snuffed out by the media and the owner of the “freak show” pilloried and criticized by Halperin’s “Gang of 500.” 

“The Gang of 500” will do just the opposite with Rubio and already has. Some “freak shows” are, apparently, more equal than others.

The Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis warns “They’re trying to ‘Palinize’ Marco Rubio.” But again, “they” is much more than Democrats. Without the media’s help, this gets nowhere and it’s already received plenty of media help.