In Its Zeal to Destroy GOP, Media Ignores Obama’s ‘Man’ Problem

With the Identity Politics’ Crusade in full-swing as a weapon against Republicans, the story that all House Committee Chairs are filled by men got plenty of media attention.

Obama’s similar “man” problem, however, probably wasn’t even looked at by a media determined to further marginalize the Republican Party amongst women and minorities:

As President Obama moves to revamp his senior White House staff in the weeks leading up to Inauguration Day, he may want to consider adding something distinctly lacking from the highest echelons of the West Wing: Diversity.

Incredibly, nearly all the most senior advisors to the nation’s first black president – whose appeal to minorities and women won him reelection – are white males. Democrats made much during the campaign of an alleged GOP “war on women.” But Obama’s own battalions include relatively few of the distaff variety.

Of what are arguably the ten top most important White House advisers, only one – Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett – is a woman. Jarrett is also African American.

Between pressuring Republicans to defy their base and raise taxes and the continuation of the 2012 identity politics’ campaign, the media is currently engaging in a two-front war against the GOP.