Time’s Joe Klein Embraces the Medicare Death Panel

This culture of death stuff that’s so ingrained in ObamaCare and the Left’s overall mindset is nothing short of terrifying. Here’s Time’s Joe Klein openly ruminating on where he would like to see Medicare/ObamaCare ultimately end up:

The second caveat is this: fee-for-service Medicare should be phased out over the next decade. Doctors need to be salaried, as they are at the Mayo Clinic or the Geisinger system in Pennsylvania, and not rewarded for performing more tests and procedures on end-of-life patients who don’t need them.

This is the tragedy of government-run anything, but most especially issues of life and death. Here’s Joe Klein demanding a government-run health care system that removes incentives for doctors to find a way to extend life because he knows he has a real chance of making it a reality.

I guess Klein also believes that someone somewhere should be The Decider when it comes to when exactly you achieve “end-of-life” status and no longer qualify for tests and procedures. Someone has to make this decision. And who better than a doctor who gets paid the same whether or not he works hard to save your life or marks you down as hopeless and hits the links. 

My mother-in-law had breast cancer surgery and treatment at the age of 87. Would she still qualify for this kind of expensive treatment in Klein’s Brave New World? Or would she be considered too old because on some government chart somewhere the cost/benefit analysis just doesn’t make sense?

If Klein doesn’t intend to fight for every second of his life, that’s up to him; he can make sure that doesn’t happen by making his own end-of-life choices. But what he wants is to force all of us into his cookie-cutter government run health care environment, where we’re not given that choice.

I’m afraid we can no longer help you. You’re just going to have to wait to die now. Someone in Washington DC said there’s no hope, so here’s some morphine and magazine.