‘How Hamas and Islamic Jihad Use Journalism as a Cover for Terrorism’

Fascinating story from the Israeli Defense Forces detailing how terrorists hide — literally — behind and within the media to avoid being targeted:

When Operation Pillar of Defense began on Nov. 14, Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip knew that the IDF was trying to target them. That might explain why on Nov. 19, four senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad operatives took over an office on the second floor of a civilian media building in Gaza — where major international news networks were located — and used it as a meeting place.

The terrorists thought that hiding in a civilian building and using international journalists as human shields would ensure their safety. Once IDF Intelligence learned of their location, the IDF surgically targeted their hiding place. A direct hit was confirmed. …

Hiding among journalists isn’t the only way that Palestinian terrorists try to avoid IDF reprisals. Sometimes they go a step farther and disguise themselves as actual journalists. All the terrorists have to do is paint “TV” on their car and the IDF will be accused of targeting innocent journalists. That’s exactly what happened on Nov. 19.

Muhammed Riad al-Shamalah — the commander of Hamas militants in southern Gaza and the head of Hamas’ military training programs — was driving through Gaza City in a black Mitsubishi Lancer when the IDF struck the rear of his car. Palestinian television later broadcast images of the vehicle, which had “TV” spray painted on the hood. There was no television or communications equipment inside the car.

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