Federal Building Bombed, Tea Partier Not Charged, Media Ignores

At 8:24 Friday morning — that’s right, four days ago — in the small town of Casa Grande, Arizona, the local Social Security Administration office was rocked by an explosion that charred the back wall and door. A nearby parked car was damaged and debris was strewn throughout the parking lot. 

No one was injured, but at the time of the explosion ten people were at work in the office.

As someone who watches the media about as closely as anyone, why am I just learning about this now?

My guess is that the name of the suspected bomber might answer that question: Abdullatif Aldosary, an Iraqi refugee.

…Aldosary, was turned over to the FBI shortly before 10 a.m.

County recorder records show Aldosary bought the house on Aug. 12, 2008. According to court records, he was charged in September with assault and disorderly conduct. He also was charged in March 2008 with four counts of aggravated harassment at the request of the U.S. Homeland Security Department.

Apparently, the only real reason we know anything about this at all, is because Pajamas Media’s Patrick Poole happened to be in the area as events unfolded.

What was it we were told by the same media that exploded in a wave of Palin-hate over the awful shooting of a congresswoman in Arizona?

Oh, yeah…

Any kind of  attack against our government is an attack against all of us.

Well, you know what? While I didn’t agree with the craven media attempting to blame that heinous crime on an innocent mother of five who was in Wasilla, Alaska, at the time — I most certainly agree with the sentiment.

But I guess that unless the attack can in any way be blamed on a Tea Partier, a Republican, or someone they hate and loathe as much as Sarah Palin — the media doesn’t always agree with their own sentiment — especially when the suspected bomber is among the protected class of Middle Easterners.

Regardless, the bombing of a social security building is news. We may well find out that Mr. Aldosary is innocent, crazy, a member of the Tea Party, or motivated by something other than politics — but it’s an attack on our government and therefore… NEWS.

But the media’s covering this news up because it just might not fit the media’s left-wing template for these kinds of attacks.

And if something doesn’t fit that left-wing template, it simply didn’t happen.


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