Did everyone enjoy Senator Feinstein’s gun show?

I certainly did, although I see reactions from certain quarters of law enforcement are a bit more tepid.  Everyone knows the bill is doomed at the hands of red-state Democrats, which is funny, because it seems like only yesterday that Democrats were howling about Republicans wasting America’s time with symbolic votes, particularly “sheer political theater” that was “wasting a lot of time and scaring a lot of people.”  Oh well, at least Dianne Feinstein had the self-restraint to avoid using a strobe light and tin foil to simulate scary thunder and lightning when she held up the dreaded “assault weapon.”

Among my favorite moments was Senator Dick Durbin saying that gun control “isn’t just a matter of an issue of the Constitution, it’s an issue of conscience, an issue of conscience.”  This is as close to a pure expression of anti-constitutionalism as you’ll ever find: all that talk from the powdered-wig set about “inalienable rights” and “Congress shall make no law” must melt away when deeply caring statists have a really swell idea that they truly, madly, deeply believe is the best thing for their subjects.  The whole point behind the Bill of Rights is to secure rights by blocking government power, and it doesn’t matter how frustrated the government becomes; if Durbin and company want to sweep those Constitutional issues aside, they can launch the amendment process and follow the proper procedure for altering or nullifying the Second Amendment.  Of course, they won’t do that, because they know it’s incredibly difficult.  It’s supposed to be.