“What’s next?” doesn’t matter

In response to Decades of Liberal Leanings:

Sonnie, “what’s next” is no more relevant to the Left of today than it was to the liberals in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and Aughts that you described.  Each group became very testy when asked about the logical results of their policies, or even whether they had a “Plan B” in the event of policy failure.  

They get even angrier at the proposition that the failures of each decade you described were a result of the previous decade’s liberalism.  How come we had to give people crazy unsecured credit for houses they couldn’t afford in the Aughts, if we “fixed” poverty by spending a trillion dollars on it in the Nineties?  Why are the single-parent families venerated as somehow superior to the nuclear family in the Eighties (remember Murphy Brown?) in so much trouble today?

The funny thing is that we conservatives are supposed to be “reactionaries” who “live in the past,” but we’re the only ones who ever seem to think about the future at all.