I Hope The Ad’s Not Racist Because It Made Me Laugh

In response to Is this Super Bowl ad racist?:

Well, if the ad is racist, I guess I’m a racist because I thought it was cute.  I love Jamaicans and I love their accents. And last I checked, imitation was the sincerest form of flattery.

Really, this hypersensitivity over race is so ridiculous. I am reminded of James O’keefe’s first “sting” posing as an overly-sensitive Irishman perturbed by the presence ofLucky Charms in the school cafeteria:

O’Keefe met with an assistant director atRutgers dining services. During the meeting, O’Keefe explains that the leprachaun on the cereal box is hurtful: “He’sportrayed as a green-cladded (sic) gnome, and as you can see … we’renot all short. We have differences of height, and we think this isstereotypical of Irish-Americans.”

I suspect most Jamaicans agree. Like this guy in the YouTube comments:

 smboyne: “I am Jamaican and I love this ad!!! He almost nails the accent perfectly! Very very funny ad!”

Yep – it was pretty darn good for a guy from “da land of ten tousand lakes!”