We should be playing the long game

The Hill ran a piece this morning entitled: Unions, Hollywood open to bankrolling Obama’s advocacy arm

In it, we learn that Obama’s traditional deep pocket financial supporters will be working with Organizing for Action, to advocate for Obama’s agenda.  Organizing for America is the new operation formally known as the Obama for America campaign. In addition, OfA is a 501c4 corporation which means that there is no donor disclosure. Lack of donor disclosure is sometimes a “bad thing” and when I say sometimes I mean if you are a center-right c4. 

An important lesson to be learned from the new OfA and the like, is that until the right realizes that politics is more than the election cycle, until our donors  support center right infrastructure rather than campaigns, we will be playing catch up with the Democrats.  The left has a winning paradigm and we should learn from them. Their money is invested in the long game, our money is invested in 2 year increments. 


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