Frum here to eternity

In response to David Frum: I’m Man Enough to Admit I’m Still Right, Even Though the Facts Are Stupid:

Man, if you keep building posts around stupid things David Frum says, someone is going to accuse you of frummaging through the news for link bait.

Frum’s a perfect example of that whole “bending reality to fit my narrative” thing.  He’s basically pleading with the reader to let him bend reality just a little bit more.  “If you would just concede that it’s reasonable to automatically presume the people I don’t like are guilty of what I falsely accuse them of, we can do business.  Lesser minds can fret over what actually happened!”

It’s also remarkable that he wants to continue the pretense that using the Internet to validate information is difficult and time consuming, especially since he insists on being photographed with a smartphone welded to his head like a Borg implant.  

Everyone still pushing the Newtown Heckler Hoax is acting as though the tape is a murky blur of confusion, dimly illuminating events that reasonable people could interpret differently.  In truth, there is nothing even slightly ambiguous about what occurred, and no reasonable viewer would conclude that anyone “heckled” or “shouted down” the speaker.