GDP contracts. Whom will Obama blame this time? (UPDATE: Of course.)

Millions of voters went to the polls in November secure in the belief that President Barack Obama had saved the economy from another Great Depression and that growth would improve in his second term. He had, after all, inherited a mess from George W. Bush and the failed free-market economics of Romney’s Republicans.

Oh–what’s that? The economy was busy collapsing in November? Negative growth in Q4? What? But… but…

Fiscal cliff. Hurricane Sandy. Middle East turmoil. Wall Street greed. Tea Party terror. Something, someone…

Whom will Obama blame this time?

UPDATE: Of course. “Today’s report is a reminder of the importance of the need for Congress to act to avoid self-inflicted wounds to the economy.  The Administration continues to urge Congress to move toward a sustainable federal budget in a responsible way that balances revenue and spending, and replaces the sequester, while making critical investments in the economy that promote growth and job creation and protect our most vulnerable citizens.”

The lights are on, but nobody’s home.