Quick, If You’re At Home, Put on the Golf Channel — Phil Mickleson is Two Birdies Away from a 58

Would be the first 58 in PGA history. He’s in range for the first of the two birdies.

Update: Damnit, he shorted it, I think he’s trying for par now from inches away. 

Sorry, looks like I put out an alert and it’s not going to happen.
Okay, so unless he gets an eagle (two under par on a par 4) he can’t do it.  A birdie now gets him 59, par gets 60.

 Last Update:  He had a long  put for birdie.  Perfectly struck — it went into the cup, but then it rode the edge of the cup and squirted back out!

So not even a birdie.  Now he knocks in for 60, par, ending 11 under par.