Rubio's Immigration Dilemma

Senator Marco Rubio continues making  the conservative media rounds this week, appearing on Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin shows in a concerted effort to do damage control with conservatives who remain skeptics of his “Gang of 8″ immigration proposal.  The ‘bipartisan’ immigration proposal that came out of the Senate  includes several of Rubio’s practical ideas and solutions, but concern remains about whether the plan will contain meaningful enforcement triggers and border security provisions that would effectively bring this issue to a conclusion.

This entire immigration reform debate is just a big smoke and mirrors ruse by President Obama and Democrats who probably are not negotiating in good faith and are simply testing the waters in hopes that Republicans will give away the candy store and enact a similar proposal to what was offered in 2007.  Senate Democrats who have sided with Rubio’s bipartisan proposal are likely to pull their support should this legislation contain enforcement triggers and border security measures with teeth.


If the legislation ultimately contains weak enforcement provisions and the mere promise of border security, Rubio will likely back out of the proposal entirely.  The immigration issue will then be used like a club against Republicans in 2014 by our ever duplicitous president who will claim that Rubio and the Republicans in Congress are simply immigration hacks who oppose his so-called “common sense” reform. Rubio needs to dip out of this mess, pronto.