The magic of ObamaCare

What more can you say about a trillion-dollar boondoggle so awful that it makes union bosses think about kicking their lower-tier employees out of union health plans… into a welfare program that many of the intended dirt-poor beneficiaries don’t even qualify for, due to a “glitch” that our brilliant central planners incorrectly assumed the IRS would pay for them… leaving the hapless poor vulnerable to a “tax penalty” they won’t have to pay because the government simply chooses not to apply it against them… even though its core purpose was to keep people from becoming “free riders” by failing to purchase insurance, and it was only held Constitutional in a laughable court decision because it would apply to everyone?  

It’s increasingly clear that either ObamaCare dies, or America does.  Obama’s health-care disaster is so fundamentally incompatible with American values that our legal system must be deformed beyond recognition in order to sustain it.