Steve Capus Out as President of NBC News

Steve Capus Out as President of NBC News

Steve Capus first showed up on our radar when a misleading edit of a 911 call broadcast on MSNBC portrayed the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman as racially motivated.

The buck has to stop somewhere, and Capus had been the President of NBC News at the time.  But not any more.  Despite signing a long term deal just last year, Capus announced in a memo today that he will be leaving NBC.

As it happens, he had been at the helm for not one, not two, not three, but five selective edits that have mislead the American people on the news of the day. The latest of these was the fake “heckling” of Neil Heslin, a father of a victim of the Sandy Hook massacre, while he gave testimony to Connecticut lawmakers earlier this week.

My colleague and real life Godfather John Nolte was the first to identify the fact that Steve Capus was the common factor in all of the NBC Newsroom bogus editing fiascos, and today Nolte got his man.  Hearty congratulations are in order.

This is a developing story.  Commentary from Nolte to follow, but in the meantime, someone please try to track down David Frum and see if he still believes Mr. Heslin was heckled

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