Goodbye, Steven Chu

So Energy Secretary Steven Chu became the latest cabinet official to depart the Obama administration, receiving a fond farewell despite being one of the most spectacular failures in the long history of goofball government.  

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) gave him the sendoff he really deserves: “While many will remember Secretary Chu for his comments about the need to raise gas prices on American consumers and the high grades he publicly bestowed on himself, I found taxpayer losses on projects like Solyndra and the department’s deeply misguided effort to use taxpayer dollars as an investment bank for unproven technologies to be the most problematic aspects of his legacy.”

If the rise of the personal computer was the “triumph of the nerds,” the Obama era hails the triumph of the bumbler.  No failure goes unrewarded; billions of dollars vanish down sinkholes without an eye being batted; everyone talks tough about “taking responsibility” without ever actually doing it; and the President got re-elected by convincing the American people that absolutely nothing is ever his fault.  It’s not just that Americans need Big Government in their lives too much; it’s that they don’t seem to mind all that much when it doesn’t work.  As long as they can be persuaded that everyone meant well when the Titanic shoves off, they don’t really care where it ends up.