Piers Morgan declares the perfect to be the mortal enemy of the good


In response to Does Piers Morgan Know Something Atlanta’s Police Chief Does Not?:

The link Piers provided goes to a story titled “Armed guard disarmed teen in Atlanta school shooting, police chief says.” Is he suggesting the officer failed because he didn’t stop the shooting before a single shot was fired? Isn’t that moving the goal posts quite a bit? No one suggested putting psychic cops in schools just cops.

So according to Piers Morgan, when it comes to armed security in schools, it’s either this or nothing:


I’ve heard of making the perfect the enemy of the good before, but Morgan is taking it to absurd lengths.  If a single shot is fired, it somehow proves that the armed security is irrelevant?  People who think like this are dangerous imbeciles, and if taken seriously, they’re going to get innocent people killed.


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