The ‘right’ of mandatory ‘access’

I see that the contraception socialists are once again buzzing about “access” to contraception in the wake of the new HHS rulings, by which they mean “forcing other people to buy it for them.”  Socialism lives by twisting language, and the thoughts that come attached to it.  What coinage of Orwell’s Big Brother was as insidious as the notion that if the government says we “deserve” something, anyone who resists paying for it is somehow “denying access” to it?

That’s really the long-standing rationale of collectivism in a nutshell: if the government isolates a public good and issues a decree, the righteous must obey, and the disobedient are enemies of the people.  The modern twist is to couple this mechanism of power to the piteous language of victimhood.  The Total States of yore told their people they must obey the national father’s commands to build mighty edifices, make the wheels turn in factories, or smite their enemies.  The new Total State orders us to set aside our morals and obey its commands to buy cheap over-the-counter drugstore products.  

Somehow the American people managed to muddle through for centuries without “free” condoms.  And not to put too fine a point on it, our society was far stronger during much of that time, when less of what we did was anyone else’s business.