Today's Edition of Stuff NBC's Chuck Todd Will Never Say….

If you watched “The Daily Rundown,'” today, you heard NBC’s Chief White House correspondent blame our economic woes on “austerity”; the collapse of our GDP on a decrease in government spending (specifically defense) — even though federal spending increased last quarter, the increase in unemployment on fewer government jobs, and the collapse in consumer confidence on gridlock — which is a partisan dog-whistle for “Republican.”

Questions objective journalist Chuck Todd will never ask…

Is it possible that the uncertainty of ObamaCare, increased regulations, and Obama talking about new tax increases immediately after this last tax increase went into effect, is stifling job growth?

Doesn’t the claim that decreased government spending caused our GDP collapse mean that our economy is too reliant on government, especially in light of the fact we’re already spending ourselves into bankruptcy?

Unemployment’s up, poverty’s up, wages are down, and the labor force has shrunk to a thirty-year low; and yet the Dow is breaking records. Why are the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer in a country where Democrats have pretty much gotten everything they wanted passed?

ObamaCare, new taxes and regulations are helpful to Big Business because they’re big enough to handle the added expense. But their primary threat can’t: up and coming small businesses. But small businesses do most of the hiring. Might this explain the Dow hitting records while hiring barely treads water? 

Am I breaking any Commandments blindly worshiping both Obama and Ezra Klein?