Starting a Small Business is Hard, Whines Obama-Worshiping JounoLister

Your Super Sunday schadenfreude breakfast treat: JournoList genius Matt Yglesias has an epiphany while waiting in line for government permits to rent his condo.

Maestro, cue sad trombone.

Oh the amazing things you discover when you step outside your happy little village of people who write for a living about people who redistribute money for a living to people who relax for a living. Where does all that redistributed money come from? Ben Bernanke, silly!

Perhaps instead of starting a small business, young Matt should have taken the time-honored liberal approach and started a BIG business. Those rules are simpler: (1) come up with idiotic idea, (2) give large wads of cash to a politician, (3) reap ginormormous government contract.

Bob Menendez is waiting to take your call, Matt.


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