Cut-and-paste unemployment spin

In response to More Work Remains To Be Done!:

Debra, isn’t this also the same canned statement that always includes a line cautioning us against “reading too much into a single unemployment report?”  I guess it’s important not to read too much into one presidential term’s worth of unemployment reports.

It’s still genuinely surprising that so many voters fell for this transparently ridiculous spin, delivered with such lack of conviction that Obama’s army of overpaid apparatchiks can’t even be bothered to rewrite the sorry excuses each month, with a little variety.

The Left never gets anywhere until it can persuade average Americans to settle for less.  The media wouldn’t simply refute this pathetic boilerplate if it came out of a Republican administration; they’d actively mock it through the popular culture.  Every low-information voter would have seen comedy skits surrounding the Republican president’s high unemployment and automated Flimsy Excuse-o-Matic press-release robot, long before the election.  Attempts to change the subject with Muppet binders full of bayonets would have been greeted with equal derision – in fact, they would have been held up as evidence that the Republican president was hopelessly out of touch with the real concerns of middle-class America.

But with a Democrat in office?  Permanent double-digit real unemployment is peachy, and it doesn’t matter that the exact same excuse rolls word-for-word out of the White House every single month, for fifty months.