Lie of the Decade

In response to Video: Obama Debunks John’s “Outrageous Myth”:

It should be impossible to square this circle. On the one hand Obama’s
promise that you could keep the plan you currently have if you like it
(Period.) On the other hand is the reality that 7 million people are going to lose their plans whether they like it or not.

But the President’s allies at Politifact have already begun the hard work of moving the goalposts on this issue. Last May Politifact said Romney lied when he claimed “Millions could lose their health care coverage and be forced into a government pool.” Since the people who lose their insurance will wind up with government subsidized insurance somewhere else, Politifact argued, the President’s promise wasn’t being violated. Contrary to what every single person listening to the President’s promise thought at the time, “your plan” turns out to mean something closer to “a plan.”

Given the dozens of times the President made this promise, the millions of us who heard him do it and the millions of times it won’t turn out to be true, this should be the lie of the decade.


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