Necktie Outrage, the New War on Women

I must really make a horrible woman.  I’m being told by multiple groups and media that I’m supposed to be outraged over this.  Are you outraged?  I’m sorry, but I’m not outraged.

‘Sexist’ business logo lands Florida in hot water 


The article from NBC News cites no less than three examples of women’s business organizations expressing their displeasure with the logo, including comments like this one:

“Business needs to be all-inclusive and a ‘tie’ although it binds and is
a bit clever, is now dividing,” Emily McHugh, chief executive of
Casauri, a women’s accessories company in Fort Pierce, wrote on Facebook.

Personally, I don’t even think the logo is all that impressive.  It comes off as a bit 1990’s to me.  But I digress.

With all that’s going on in the world, such as rape and violence against women, is this really where our outrage needs to be directed?  A ‘sexist’ necktie in a logo?

I can’t speak for all women, but I can say as one woman that I find it tiresome being told by others what I should think and feel, and what I should be outraged over.

It’s not that I’m not sensitive at all to issues like this.  But I honestly just don’t see the value in getting that worked up over it.  I think it makes us as women look petty – it dilutes the word ‘sexist’, as well as our voices for when far more serious issues come along.  My view is, give the logo a try.  If the public doesn’t respond positively, well then, it clearly wasn’t an effective logo, was it?  I prefer to take my womanhood and focus my outrage elsewhere.  Does that make me less of a woman?

Then again, I also enjoy wearing a men’s biker jacket that I own.  I hope that doesn’t outrage anyone.


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