Gay Slurs, Referring to First Lady as 'Gorilla' Indefensible

In response to Not So Free Speech:

If some loser of a teacher teacher wants to be a racist jerk (though I’m not sure that’s him making the “gorilla” crack) who hurls gay slurs in the privacy of his own home or at some bar with his pals, that’s up to him. But the audio gives the impression he’s speaking to a captive audience of students, especially his remark about telling the “superintendent.”

If that indeed is the case, the fact that he hasn’t already been fired is outrageous. I can’t imagine any employer tolerating that kind of talk.

What if someone sitting in that classroom is gay or has a black stepmother..? Even if it wasn’t the teacher making the “gorilla” crack, at the very least he’s guilty of allowing all the har-harring after it was made.

I would also add that if this is a classroom situation, like any abuse of power, it’s valid news.