Obesity Is Hilarious

Even though it’s on track to overtake smoking as the leading cause of preventable death in America (if it hasn’t already done so), Chris Christie thinks obesity is hilarious:

I’ve focus-grouped four family members and friends and they are split on whether or not the gag is funny, but can you imagine if the Governor of New Jersey took out a cancer stick and started blowing smoke rings on network television?  We’d never stop talking about how a potential presidential candidate thinks evil, evil cigarettes are some sort of joke.  (UPDATE: Ezra Dulis notes that smoking is banned in all enclosed workspaces in New York, so smoking on the “Late Show” set is illegal.) But overweight Christie rubs the donut–with its refined sugar and trans fat and simple carbohydrates–right in the face of the American public and no one cares. 

If I am ever on a late night comedy show, remind me to take a drag off a Kool. When the media has a conniption, we’ll be reminded once again how hypocritical the war on smoking is.


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