A Heavy Subject Matter: A Response to E-Du

Ezra, you write as though I’m calling for us to publicly shame fat people by marking them with a marinara-sauce “F,” a la Hester Prynne.  I never said anything of the sort.  I’m merely pointing out that in our health-conscious society, we’ve decided to constantly judge smokers and to ignore the obese.  I’m perfectly fine ignoring both, as you suggest (though thanks to Obamacare, society will be paying for those who suffer from health maladies associated with smoking and obesity before long).  

If an individual wants to revel in the fact that they over-indulge in unhealthy behaviors, society need not “freak out.” But as of now, demonizing the obese is not a problem, but bullying smokers is one.  And, statistically speaking, their behaviors are equally dangerous.


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