The Ike Turner Media

In response to CNN’s Banfield: Traffic Jams Mean the Economy’s Recovering:

Other signs of a growing economy: a contracting economy

Other signs of increasing employment:  increasing unemployment

Baby, you know I love you.  If I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t get all crazy sometimes.

Regarding yesterday’s story about the plan to surround conservatives in a progressive echo chamber…

A second way [other than defeat] to demoralize conservative activists is to surround them with the echo chamber of our positions and assumptions. We need to make them feel that they are not mainstream, to make them feel isolated. We need to use the bandwagon effect in reverse…We must isolate them ideologically…

Golly gee whiz I sure hope such a thing never comes to pass.

Because that would be just terrible, if it ever did.

Fortunately It Can’t Happen Here.