The well-dressed oppressor

In response to Necktie Outrage, the New War on Women:

So the necktie is now supposed to be a symbol of male oppression?  Well, at least the patriarchy is well-dressed.  Although here in Florida, wearing a necktie during the summer can be very uncomfortable.  You’re really better off without it, feminists.

Didn’t singer Avril Lavigne wear neckties as a fashion statement?  She’s Canadian.  We’ve got a lot of Canadians in Florida.  Relax, feminists, the necktie symbol is just a salute to our friends from the far north.

Are feminine symbols also “divisive,” or does that only apply to icons that evoke the masculine?  I think the point of all this is the old power game of classifying certain disfavored ideas or groups as inherently “divisive.”  They must be exiled from the public square in the name of “inclusiveness.”  And if the exiled protest, well, that’s even more “divisive.”