Could Martial Law Be Right Around The Corner For Americans?

Merely a week after military exercises featuring Blackhawk helicopters were flown over the Miami skyline, the Florida Highway Patrol has informed the public that it will set up “vehicle inspection checkpoints” on specific roadways in at least six Florida counties that will be established during daytime hours.    

State troopers will be requesting drivers licenses and conducting a visual inspection of every third vehicle once the checkpoint has been established.  

So what’s the point of these random vehicle checks of every third car, you may ask?  From the Tampa Bay Action News site:

Q: What are “vehicle inspection checkpoints”? Troopers aren’t mechanics, so why are they checking my car?

A: Per FHP, defective vehicle equipment, such as bad brakes, worn tires and defective lighting equipment, poses dangers to the public.

Apparently the FHP is going after folks with worn tires and “defective lighting equipment” – in the daytime, no less.

And then there’s this reassuring nugget-

Per the policy, the degree of intrusion to motorists and the length of detention (emphasis ours) to each driver should be kept to a minimum. 

 FEMA camps, Drones, military operations being conducted in major cities, FHP stopping motorists to conduct routine maintenance inspections. Are these the first signs of  larger, more intrusive plan to oppress Americans?


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