'House of Cards': Left-Wing Self-Loathing as High Drama



Had Netflix’s good but not great “House of Cards,” been about Republicans, those of us on the Right would likely be furious. But like Jews can mock Jews and blacks can mock blacks, leftist Hollywood can mercilessly hammer its own, including the media.

“House of Cards” would have you believe every woman in media slept their way to the middle. Our media protagonists, Zoe and Janine, are nothing more than prostitutes willing to sexually degrade themselves for the nibble of a scoop. There’s an  actual prostitute in the show given more dignity.

“Cards” also doesn’t shy away from revealing the media’s cozier than cozy relationship with elected Democrats and their causes.

In the show’s world, Democrat’s run the House, and as personified by  Majority Whip Frank Underwood (star Kevin Spacey), Democrats are uniformly portrayed as immoral and unethical. Frank’s merely the smartest shark in a very small, frenzied pool filled with them. His wife, played by Robin Wright, is an environmental activist who’s every bit as selfish, power-hungry, and unfaithful as her husband (and a little smarter).

Though I have three episodes to go, it feels safe to say that like HBO’s brilliant series “The Wire,” “Cards” blisters the media, big government institutions, and Democrats in ways that should delight us “wingers” everywhere.

Left-wing self-loathing; what a wonderful way to spend an evening.


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