Bush Email Hack Reveals Secret Talents of Former President

So, an email account used by former President George W. Bush and his family has reportedly been hacked.

The hack, labeled as “audacious” by The Smoking Gun, which broke the story, revealed various photos of the former president and members of his famous family.  The emails date back between 2009 and 2012 and are said to have come from a breached AOL account that was created to host the photos and enable correspondence amongst the family and others.  The accounts of other contacts with whom George W. Bush had corresponded, including his sister, are also said to have possibly been compromised.

Authorities are investigating but have not provided any details regarding the matter.

I have two questions:  Why are old emails just being posted now?  Also, there are really people out there who still use an AOL email account these days?

The hacked emails reveal a deep, dark and potentially embarrassing secret of the 43rd president: 

He’s a pretty decent artist.  Not bad at all.


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