A Word of Thanks to the MSM (I Have Greatest Job In the World)

Who would’ve ever thought that someday I’d be paid actual real-live money to wake up every morning to ridicule, expose and go to war with the most hypocritical, dishonest, snobby, bigoted out-of-touch, provincial, mean-girl institution allowed to operate legally in America.

And the media makes my job so easy. The media’s so consistently awful, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to cover all the material.  

Post-election, the job’s only gotten more amusing. The media’s one-ness with Obama is now completely out of the closet as this hive-mind collective comes together to protect Their Precious One from his faltering economy and all the scandal surrounding Libya.

Oh, and watching the same media that spent weeks falsely linking Sarah Palin to Tucson now cover-up their own connection to this suspected mass murderer terrorizing Los Angeles… Just wow.

And to think, if the media hadn’t set the rules for milking human tragedy to score political points, yesterday might have been a total bust.

Don’t you ever change, Mainstream Media!