Stories not told

In addition to taking great care to avoid mentioning the political leanings of the L.A. madman, the media has also done a fine job of ignoring the latest late-term abortion death.  Whatever one’s stance on the abortion issue, it’s difficult to justify the level of media silence on this one, in any sort of rational and dispassionate terms.  Rest assured that if such an incident came from the offices of a conservative “hero” or “evangelist,” we’d hear about it, and as part of a great “narrative,” not as an isolated news tidbit.  Media bias has always been largely about which stories the press decides not to tell.

Also, I seem to recall hearing a few very loud lectures from Barack Obama and Joe Biden recently, in which it was asserted that if we can save just one life by banning something, it’s worth a try.  

I’ve heard local and national news bulletins about rampaging moonbat Chris Dorner all day.  Not a single one of them has even parenthetically mentioned his politics.  He is universally described as an ex-cop angry about his firing.  We all know how this would work if he was a conservative: “The manhunt continues for mass murderer and Tea Party member Chris Dorner,” or “authorities continue to search for Chris Dorner, a killer whose affection for extreme right-wing radio hosts has become a subject of controversy.”  Media bias can also take the form of asides not delivered, and adjectives not deployed.