Chris Dorner, America’s Most Unlikely Gun Control Advocate?

In response to License to Kill:

Ace, you’re stuck in the past.”Toxic atmospheres” aka “the climate of hate” are so two years ago. The takeaway from the Chris Dorner episode is he’s “America’s most unlikely gun Control advocate.”

…if a self-justified killer’srationale for keeping weapons out of his hands cannot be used to arguefor stricter measures to keep weapons away from other self-justifiedkillers, then the world makes about as much sense as the extension ofDorner’s logic that leads to his promises of more death and destruction.

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The crazier leftists openly support Dorner’s cop killing rampage.  The more “level headed” ones want to use his cop killing rampage as an excuse for more gun control. Given the far left slant of his manifesto, none of them are interested in talking about “toxic atmospheres”, or the “climate of hate.