Pathetic: media obsessed with whether Obama will talk 'climate' in SOTU

Shortly after one of the worst snowstorms in history (I know, I know, it’s “climate change” now, not “global warming”), the mainstream media is obsessing over the question of whether President Barack Obama will mention climate change in his State of the Union speech on Tuesday. It’s Politico’s lead story, for example.

Hey, our economy just contracted and unemployment went up and debt ceiling sequester Benghazi spending Syria etc.–but let’s talk about climate change. Because… because it flatters our liberal self-regard, that’s why.

I have a degree in environmental science. So let me give you the straight truth on climate change.

1. It is always happening due to natural processes.

2. It is probably happening more rapidly than usual because of human effects.

3. It is probably happening less than alarmists and politicized scientists are telling us.

4. We understand some things about global climate but nowhere near enough to make predictions.

5. Even in the worst-case scenarios, our best response is likely to deal with the effects, not the cause.

Almost nobody in the media understands #1-#4, and even fewer bother to consider #5.