The Making of another Martyr or Mumia

In response to The Black Community’s Dichotomy on Gun Violence:

What’s particularly concerning is guys like Ab-Soul start to gin up this following for Dorner, so if Dorner is killed by police in a shootout situation, every black activist will be out there saying the police used excessive force. The three people he allegedly killed are forgotten by everyone if not become part of some conspiracy theory. If Dorner goes to jail, he gets the Tookie Williams or Mumia Abu Jamal treatment from the black community. 

Interestingly, it was only years after the O.J. Simpson 1994 “not guilty verdict,” that the black community began to wonder if he really killed his wife and Ron Goldman, but the verdict was already in and people were not glued to their TV’s the same way during the civil trial, where he was found responsible for the murders.