Getting 'Lost' Again

Because I’ve taken on the job of getting in way over my head with a complete basement remodel (gutted walls, new bathroom — scary stuff), my embarrassingly large DVD collection is all bagged up for storage. Yesterday, though, and as usual, there was nothing to watch on cable, and even the ever-reliable Netflix lacked the perfect something to hit that Sunday afternoon sweet spot. So like the addict in “Trainspotting” who dives into a filthy toilet after some heroin, I took to rummaging blindly through a bag of DVDs.

And what did I find? Yep, heroin — six seasons of “Lost.”

This remodel will easily take a couple months — longer if I electrocute myself (50-50) — so 121 television episodes should see us through.

I know there are many “Lost” haters out there; those who can’t forgive the series for its finale. I’m not one of them. I binged on the series for the first time after all six seasons were released in a box-set. There are some weak episodes, certainly, but overall my wife and I were enthralled from beginning to end.

Without commercials, the episodes are only 40 minutes long, which made it easy to get through the first four in a single afternoon.

Problem is, I’m already addicted again, and now I don’t want to work on the basement.