Navy Seal Who Capped OBL Describes His Work

The U.S. Navy Seal that is said to have fired the fatal shots that killed Obama Bin Laden, has just stated a vivid description of his encounter with OBL the moments before and after he fire three bullets into the face Al Qaeda’s former boss. Sweet!

And I remember as I watched him breathe out the last part of air, I thought: Is this the best thing I’ve ever done, or the worst thing I’ve ever done? This is real and that’s him. Holy s–,” the SEAL recalled. “Everybody wanted him dead, but nobody wanted to say, Hey, you’re going to kill this guy. It was just sort of understood that’s what we wanted to do. His forehead was gruesome. It was split open in the shape of a V. I could see his brains spilling out over his face. The American public doesn’t want to know what that looks like”