Occupy Harvard Replaced with Beer Bottle Snow Fort

Occupy Harvard, like the rest of the Occupy movement, came and went abruptly. For a few months it turned Harvard Yard into a squatters camp until one particularly windy day last January when it all came down. This winter the former Occupy camp has been replaced with something less ugly, less pretentious and I would argue more representative of the 99%: A beer bottle snow fort.

Beer bottle snow fort!

There won’t be any signs touting anarchy, praising communism or offering dire warnings about the dangers of Monsanto. No marches full of rich hipsters chanting slogans against the rich. No tedious general assemblies. No leaders of the “leaderless movement” camped out in a warm building nearby. No public urination or dumping of human waste. No scuffles with police. No fist fights, no stabbings and no camp security warning people not to involve police. No sexual assaults. Women need not build a separate beer-bottle-safety-fort nearby. And I suspect no one involved will be using spare bottles to make Molotov cocktails. In short, no Occupy.

But if anyone from the old camp attempts to take up residence–or worse yet call for a “Mic check!”–I hope the builders will respond appropriately. Half a dozen well-packed snowballs should do the job. Three cheers for the beer bottle snow fort.


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