Time to tug the ol’ gun control heartstrings

In response to Gun Control May Be “In Vogue” But It’s Not Popular:

Doubtless that’s why we’re getting a big gun-control show at the SOTU tonight, complete with human props.  This issue is the quintessential example of emotion triumphing over reason.  Gun control sometimes polls well for a while in the abstract, after a big gun-related media freakout, but support always evaporates when the public takes a deep breath and begins thinking about the specific proposals on the table.  It only takes about ten seconds for people to remember that the police will most likely be visiting the site of their violent murder to investigate the crime, not to protect them.

And, to the dismay of the Left, even people who aren’t terribly interested in owning a gun still correctly view the Second Amendment as an important component of individualism and self-determination.  

But on the bright side for liberals, as long as Americans are fighting a desperate battle to protect their Second Amendment rights, they’re not thinking about the battle to protect their paychecks.


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