Socialism: as easy as 1-2-3

In response to Obama: Preschool for Everyone!:


1. Welfare state creates epidemic of single mothers

2. Single mothers need government programs to take care of kids

3. Public education trains kids to be socialists.


1. Leftist unions ruin education, forcing colleges to teach what used to be covered in high school.

2. Virtually mandatory college education buries young people under debt, which the Left uses to control them.  (Vote for me – I’ll help you with that massive debt load my allies made you take on!)

3. Obama proposes pouring even more money into degenerate public education system, so it will be better equipped to prepare students for the college education they shouldn’t need and can’t afford.


1. Legalize vast new population of low-skilled illegal alien workers.

2. Raise minimum wage, wiping out the jobs they need.

3. Expand Food Stamp Nation to “rescue” the new army of unemployed.