Naomi Wolf, Author of "Vagina: A Biography," In Talks with Al Jazeera

Reported by Politico, the past-her-sell-date provocatrix is in “very, very preliminary” talks to discuss how she can contribute to the Al Jazeera global television network.

If you don’t keep tabs on the Pulitzer-Prize-winning Angry-Birds-owning wrytyr, you might think my claim she wrote Vagina: A Biography is just a crude joke.

Yes, but but not my own crude joke. That’s what she called it.

Wolf’s new book– Vagina: A Biography– is unlikely to inspire a similar cultural revolution. The wide-ranging vaginal probe jumps off from Wolf’s own medical journey to reclaim her transcendent “Technicolor orgasms”; surveys the scientific literature on female sexuality, then draws the conclusion that a previously undiscovered “vagina-mind connection” (no duh) stretches beyond neuroscience to make up a “part of the female soul” (just no)….

[Critics have been mostly] hostile: The effort has been dismissed as silly, self-parodying, childish, and scientifically inaccurate. Its argument is essentialist (“having discovered that every woman is sexually unique, she proceeds to write 300 more pages arguing that they are all the same,” Katha Pollitt wrote in The Nation), its aesthetics dippy (“it’s lucky vaginas can’t read,” Pollitt added). And those weaknesses compound upon one another. Wolf defines a woman’s suite of sexual needs as “The Goddess Array,” describes the vagina as a “Goddess-shaped” hole, and says that her study sheds light on the experience of “the Universal or Divine Feminine.”

Navel-gazing proved too ambitious for her, I guess.

 Al Jazeera’s interest in Naomi Wolf almost certainly springs not from her “Technicolor orgasms” or her “Goddess-shaped” hole. I do not believe she’ll wind up being a voice for feminism on the channel.

They’re probably more interested in her ability to say ludicrous things about the so-called “War on Terror,” as she’d call it, and to promiscuously support a whole bunch of Leftist, anti-western movements like Wikileaks and Occupy Wall Street.

So I don’t expect much feminist agitation from Naomi Wolf, even on a network that broadcasts to a part of the world that could sorely use it. If anyone ever wondered what it would take to shut Naomi Wolf about vaginas and porn, I think the answer will turn out to be “a check from Al Jazeera.”

If so, this would be the second droning doctrinaire leftist empty-head Al Jazeera has bought out for some filthy oil-based lucre, after Al Gore.

Second look at Al Jazeera?

Red Flags? You may wonder if I’m jumping the gun on this story, as Suzi Parker did earlier in the week, claiming Palin was joining Al Jazeera.

But I don’t think so. That story came from a parody site, whereas this story comes from… uhhh…




Jinkies!  Maybe I have been had!


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