Make Them Live Up to Their Own Rulebooks, Said Alinksy: Make Liberals Actually Prove Their Ludicrous Self-Conception as "Intellectuals"

Watch this. Skip over MSNBC Nepot Luke Russert, who faithfully delivers the MSNBC style of “reportage” (that is, he takes his cues from the Huffington Post).

During the exchange, Luke Russert gets all upset that Ted Nugent Said a Dirty Word in calling someone sh!t-for-brains. That background established, skip to 2:40 and watch:

So what we have here is low-watt tabloid hack Martin Bashir making a tasteless, Idiocracy-level poop fetish joke (the Ouch my B@lls! producers just optioned it), and then Jonathan Capeheart rushing to agree, in the very following seconds, that Ted Nugent’s presence at the hearing “highlights how coarse our political discourse has become.”

What? You said that about Ted Nugent’s presence at a hearing, in response to Martin Bashir’s “He plays with the poopie” joke?

I just wrote a post about the Social Cachet that attaches to liberalism: people who spout it adjudge themselves intellectual and sophisticated, despite not being very intelligent and occasionally reaching for He Plays With His Poopies jokes.

It occurs to me that we ought to strip this Social Cachet from liberalism, and reclaim the mantle of “intellectual” for people who actually, you know, read a book on occasion, or bother to think about things beyond the level of LOL, burn.

If you want to insult someone, you don’t insult something they don’t value. You insult the very thing they believe gives them worth. You take it away from them. And more important than any insult (insults are unimportant on their own) you attack the main attractive quality of liberalism for the dumb and disengaged, to wit, that simply spouting some inanity heard on Martin Bashir transforms them from dumb to smart and from disengaged to engaged.

Make them live up to their own rulebooks: If they pretend at intellect and sophistication, make them demonstrate these vaunted qualities.


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