Obama to taxpayers: One false move and the firefighters get it

In response to Obama hides behind the boys in blue and red; media swoon:

The same farce plays out every time Obama tries to hide from spending cuts.  The first penny slashed from this titanic government comes right out of a firefighter’s pocket!  Ask me too many tough questions about food stamp abuse, and I’ll fire some cops!  Make a move on those federal studies to measure the effect of crack cocaine abuse on robot squirrels, and I’ll send some teachers to the bread lines!

The funny thing is that Obama is always quick to accuse his opponents of being “terrorists” or “taking hostages.”  But he seems incapable of holding a press conference without some human shields.

Big Government is a curious beast: it protects its flab with a thin layer of muscle and bone.  The Republicans should be holding up Obama’s “one false move and the firefighters get it” threats as a compelling argument against huge, centralized government.  Federal subsidies are the bait to lure state and municipal governments into traps, where their essential services can be taken hostage by Washington hacks every time deficit reduction is discussed.  That’s one reason so many wise governors have said “no” to the ObamaCare exchanges.  Just wait until Obama can take your doctor hostage to protect his favorite bloated federal programs!