Obama hides behind the boys in blue and red; media swoon

We interrupt this bout of media navel-gazing–why does Obama abuse us when we love him so?–to offer some constructive advice to the White House press corps: start showing some common-sense skepticism.

Today, for example, President Obama is surrounding himself with firefighters and police to claim that the evil sequester–which he invented–is going to force them out of their jobs. The media are aflutter about it.

But–think, folks! Who pays for these emergency services? State and local governments. Why does federal funding affect that? Because some states and local governments spend foolishly on other things. Why should other taxpayers be forced to subsidize that, when essential national services, like defense, also face cuts?

And, again–who proposed the damned sequester in the first place, in a ruse to pressure the opposition?

Obama is using texbook demagoguery, hiding behind the boys in blue and red. Call him out! It’s not hard.