Washington DC: Hollywood for Ugly People

The campaign for an Oscar is taking on a new meaning, as stops in D.C. are becoming the norm.  The Hill is reporting that “stars and directors from at least four Oscar-nominated films have stopped in the nation’s capital to tout a cause, mention their movie and get some free publicity in the process.”

As the media continually mocks the right for being idiots, this phenomena seems to have escaped their attention:

Bradley Cooper of “Silver Linings Playbook” and director David O. Russell met with Vice President Biden earlier this month — to discuss mental illness. The cast of “Beasts of the Southern Wild” visited the White House last week — for a discussion with students. Both films are up for Best Picture.

So the Vice-President is taking advice on mental health issue from an actor? The cast of a movie visits the White House to talk about education? Whatever happened to that high-brow, snootiness we always hear from the leftist media? 

Although visits are not limited to films with political themes, several political films have made an appearance inside the beltway. Movies such as “Argo” earned the advanced praise of such luminaries as Jimmy Carter.  Daniel Day-Lewis and Steven Spielberg visited the White House and the Senate to screen “Lincoln.” 

After Leon Panetta attended a screening of a documentary called “The Invisible War” about sexual assault in the military, 

he announced some significant policy changes,” Dick told The Hill, pointing to an April 2012 press conference where Panetta laid out new rules to combat sexual assault. “We know he held that press conference in part because the film made such an impact on him.”

The frequency of these Hollywood visits have increased over the last year, when the only “Hollywood” visit was from Meryl Streep for a photoshoot for Vogue magazine. 

One thing is for certain, the relation$hip between Washington D.C. and Hollywood is closer than ever. The line between the two is certainly blurring: our representatives are certainly actors and now our actors are the representation.