The National Zoo's Trail of Tears

In response to WaPo on Sequestration: THINK OF THE SEALS:

As many Washingtonians know, most stories about the National Zoo with a corresponding photo of a cuddly animal often don’t bring happy news. 

Remember your 2005 story, WaPo?  “Animal Deaths Renew Criticism of Care at Zoo”

A few more headlines pulled from Google:

Animal Deaths Provoke Shake-up at National Zoo” (2003)

Panel Investigating Deaths at National Zoo” (2003)

Pattern of Mistakes Found in Zoo Deaths” (2003, WaPo again)

National Zoo Improving After Animal Deaths” (2005) But then…

Staffers Mourn Animals Who Died in 2009” (2009)

Cause of Panda Death Still Unclear” (2012)

Two New Otters Die at National Zoo” (2012)

Not all deaths at the National Zoo were caused by incompetent staff, but certainly there have been enough to warrant a post of photos (attention Buzzfeed!) of the animals who didn’t receive adequate care because of staff, not because of lack of funding.



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