SHAMELESS: Longer Lines at Airports Because…Sequester

Hysteria over the sequester continues to heat up. Politco is reporting that Americans who travel will need to prepare themselves for longer lines and wait time at the airports. The reason: SEQUESTER. 

“These across-the-board cuts may punish travelers with flight delays, long security lines at Transportation Security Agency checkpoints and multi-hour waits to clear Customs and Border Protection,” Dow said. “There is absolutely no excuse for travelers in one of the world’s most advanced nations to suffer through a travel process that wastes their precious time and resources.”

In particular, everyone’s favorite part of traveling, the molestation security check point will also have longer lines and wait times.  The adminstration is pointing this out for our own good: “Politicians around the country have seized on the issue as one that’s
easy to explain to outside-the-Beltway types — the kind of people who
would normally blink twice at terms like “sequestration.”

“When you guys have to go out here to Reagan Airport and wait in line
three hours to get through security, you’re going to be pissed,” [Erksine] Bowles
said during a POLITICO Playbook policy breakfast.

If the GOP were smart, they would start releasing the ridiculous amount of tax dollars spent on idiotic programs and studies that Obama refuses to consider cutting.